MK Eliezer Mozes
MK Eliezer MozesArutz Sheva

The chairman of the United Torah Judaism faction in the Knesset MK Menachem Eliezer Mozes, sharply criticized the Supreme Court's ruling on the Sabbath and alluded to the haredi parties exiting the coalition in the Tel Aviv municipality.

"I initiated an emergency meeting today with the party's representatives in the Knesset to discuss the issue of Shabbat," says Moses. "It is inconceivable that in a Jewish state there is a situation in which people desecrate the Sabbath by command of the High Court of Justice. Unfortunately, the justices of the High Court, who are products of the defective Israeli education, say in the ruling that 'the day of rest has all kinds of variations' and not as we are accustomed to the Sabbath day as a day of rest and holiness. It's a shame that they do not have the part about holiness, because they have already been born to this generation in which Saturday night is the youth rampaging, debauchery, and drunkenness ... We have to ask the Internal Security Minister how much money the state spends and how many police officers are needed for Friday nights."

Has the High Court crossed a red line?

"The High Court indeed crossed a red line. All the stories about whether Deri brought the regulations on time or did not bring the regulations on time are irrelevant. I told Deri a month ago: It's a pity to try to implement the regulations, because the High Court will again disqualify the regulations ... There is only one piece of advice: to bring the ruling that the High Court can not decide and annul Knesset laws."

Do Jewish Home and Likud Support Your Demand?

"We are in close contact with the Jewish Home and MKs from the Likud who view the High Court of Justice's ruling very seriously."

What is the demand from the Prime Minister?

"We have a demand from the Prime Minister, with whom we are signed on a coalition agreement: Any ruling by the High Court of Justice that would damage the status quo - the government must correct it. The 'cessation clause' must be enacted. If Kahlon and his party do not stop playing the role of protectors of the High Court of Justice, I do not see how we will get out of this huge viscous cycle"

Will you quit the coalition if there is an attack on the Sabbath?

"The Sabbath has overthrown two governments, the Rabin government and the Barak government, and anyone who starts with the Sabbath does not end well, and I am sure that the Prime Minister will lie on the fence for the sake of Shabbat no less than for the Broadcasting Corporation.

Have you never fought for the corporation or the IBA for desecrating Shabbat?

"There is a concept called the status quo. I can not fix everything. In 1956, when the NRP wanted to bring the Sabbath Law, Agudat Israel made a decision not to support it. We can not support that public transportation is allowed on Shabbat. We stand and demand not to harm what still unites the people of Israel."

"שופטות בג"ץ - פרי חינוך קלוקל"