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Brazil will use an Israeli patent to solve its biggest sewage problem, the site Israel21c reported.

Of the approximately 6.8 million liters of sewage sludge generated daily by the giant country, about 60% is spilled back into nature without treatment. Now a number of Brazilian companies have joined the Israeli company "Pauli Cleantech" to deal with the problem.

The group, which calls itself Lodologic, intends to use Pauli Cleantech's product to turn sewage sludge into sterile, odorless fertilizer.

"Pauli Cleantech has rights to the process of organic waste oxidation," explained Lododic chairman Gabriel Kayanuma, "We intend to use this process for sludge.

"We mix a catalyzing substance with the sludge, and mix this mixture in a container at high speed in a way that eliminates all the pathogens from the sludge and makes it into safe, efficient, and inexpensive fertilizer," he said.

"We expect to operate at least six factories by 2018. There are more than 400 wastewater treatment plants in Brazil, so we have a huge market to operate in."