Le Pen and Macron
Le Pen and Macron REUTERS

Former Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron and National Front leader Marine Le Pen secured the top two spots in Sunday’s presidential election, initial estimates of the vote suggest.

According to France 24, Macron, founder and head of the En Marche! Party, is projected to win the first round of voting with 23.7%. Anti-EU and immigration hawk Le Pen is expected to come in a close second, with 21.7% of the vote. If the results are accurate, Macron and Le Pen will face off in a one-on-one vote on May 7th.

Francois Fillon, representing the center-right Republicans, is projected to tie for third with 19.5% of the vote. Fillon had led polls for much of the campaign prior to a nepotism scandal involving his wife and children.

Fillon, who had experienced a bit of a recovery late in the campaign, expressed his frustration with the initial results.

“This is an enormous disappointment,” he told AFP.

Tied with Fillon in the initial projections is far-left candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon, a former member of the French Communist Party and founder of the Unsubmissive France faction who also is expected to receive 19.5% of the vote.

Socialist Party candidate Benoit Hamon is projected to win just 6.2% of the vote. Incumbent President and Socialst Party leader Francois Hollande’s record-low approval ratings all but sank his party’s prospects in the election. Hollande is the first president in the Fifth Republic’s history to decline to run for reelection.

המועמד העצמאי עמנואל מקרון
המועמד העצמאי עמנואל מקרון credit: רויטרס
מועמדת הימין העצמאי מרין לה פן
מועמדת הימין העצמאי מרין לה פן credit: רויטרס
המועמד הימני פרנסואה פיון בקלפי
המועמד הימני פרנסואה פיון בקלפי credit: רויטרס
אבטחה כבדה בקלפיות
אבטחה כבדה בקלפיות credit: רויטרס

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