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The trial of a 17-year-old Danish girl suspected of planning bomb attacks against two schools, including a Jewish school, has begun near Copenhagen, The Associated Press reported on Wednesday.

Police arrested the girl, who was 15 at the time, in January of last year. The girl, who was not allowed to be named, has been kept in custody since her arrest.

The girl, who is from the town of Kundby, in February became Denmark's first female to be charged with terrorism.

In addition to the Jewish school in Copenhagen, prosecutors have said she targeted her previous school west of the Danish capital.

The girl was a recent convert to Islam, and wrote on her Facebook page that she wanted to convert other Danes to Islam as well. She also joined a Facebook group supporting the establishment of a caliphate. She visited Syria twice.

Charges against a 25-year-old man, initially believed to have been an accomplice, have been dropped, according to AP.

The trial, which began in the Holbaek District Court Wednesday, is scheduled to last until May 5.

Denmark’s Jewish community was targeted in a terrorist attack in 2015. 22-year-old Palestinian-Danish man Omar El-Hussein opened fire on the Great Synagogue in Copenhagen, killing Israeli security guard Dan Uzan.