Atty. Nati Rom, representing mistakenly arrested youth freed
Atty. Nati Rom, representing mistakenly arrested youth freedMordechai Sones

Jerusalem's Magistrates Court on Saturday night ordered the release of a religious young man arrested on Friday near the Binyamin Region town of Kochav Hashachar.

The young man was arrested on suspicion of involvement in violent clashes between Jewish youth at the Baladim outpost and local Bedouin, later involving police. The youths there reportedly threw rocks at IDF and police forces.

However, the young man was hiking with his family during the entire duration of the event, far away from the scene of the clashes. Photos and videos testifying to this fact were ignored by the police, and he spent the holiday Shabbat (Sabbath) in jail.

The court ordered the youth immediately and unconditionally released, and ordered Israel Police to immediately allow the youth's father to testify to his alibi.

If the father's testimony aroused questions, he would be released under restrictive conditions and the case would be re-examined.

Honenu attorney Nati Rom, who represented the youth, said, "We are happy that the court accepted our explanation and immediately released the suspect."

"We are sorry the Israel Police...did not take the time to check the suspect's alibi. This youth was arrested while celebrating his birthday with his family. He was not connected to the incident at all, and was arrested several kilometers from the area in question.

"Unfortunately, Israel Police were heartless and used arrest to punish the young man."