Scene of the tragedy
Scene of the tragedyMagen David Adom

A car carrying three people plunged into a pool at Kibbutz Ma'ayan Tzvi on Saturday night when it swerved for reasons as yet unknown from the dirt road alongside the pool. The kibbutz is located near Zikhron Ya'akov in Israel's north.

One of the vehicle's passengers, a 30-year-old man, was taken out of the water in critical condition. Magen David Adom began to do CPR on him, but were forced to declare his death later on.

MDA also treated two other victims, aged 33 and 39, who were lightly injured.

MDA paramedic Talya Sadeh, who arrived at the scene, said, "In the pool, we saw the wheel of a car which had fallen into the water. Civilians who were at the scene had helped three men out of the fish pool."

"One of them was not breathing and had no heartbeat. We immediately began treating him, and he was transferred to the hospital in critical condition while we continued performing CPR.

"During the trip to the hospital, his situation deteriorated, and we were forced to declare his death.

"Two other men who escaped from the vehicle suffered hypothermia. They were treated at the scene and transferred to the hospital in stable condition and fully conscious."