French MP Meyer Habib
French MP Meyer Habib Reuters

French MP Meyer Habib talked last night with William Attal, the brother of Sarah Halimi who was cruelly murdered last week in Paris when a terrorist threw her from her third-story apartment.

Habib talked about his conversation with Attal in a Facebook post.

“I’m not an investigator or a prosecutor and I rely on the court, but after speaking with the brother of the deceased, I have been made aware of the fact that the suspect was accustomed to calling Halimi and her daughter Elisheva ‘dirty Jews,’ and they were afraid of him and told other family members about it.

“The investigation has just begun, the family members are sitting shiva and therefore have still not been questioned. Nevertheless, these details unfortunately vindicate my initial suspicion: maybe anti-Semitism wasn’t the motive for the attack, but it was the central factor that led to the murder.”

“Therefore, I continue to believe that we’re talking about an anti-Semitic attack. I doubt the attacker would have thrown his neighbor from the apartment if she had been Algerian.

“I want to clarify that, in contrast to rumors circulating online, the deceased was not stabbed by the murderer. He woke her up in her sleep, beat her mercilessly, and then threw her alive from the third story.

“Until now, the prosecutor has said that it is still not possible to confirm that we’re talking about an anti-Semitic attack. Nevertheless, a worrying question must be asked for which I still have no answer: why is the French press silent on this most severe episode?”

“Today, a protest march will be held in memory of Sarah Halimi at 11:00 at the Belleville metro station.”