Ambulance (Illustrative)
Ambulance (Illustrative)Flash 90

A man in his early 50s was killed early Friday morning on southbound toll road, Highway 6, near the Eyal Interchange, north of Kfar Saba.

A driver in a jeep on Highway 6 ran over the man, then collided with the highway divider, injuring all three occupants of the jeep. Authorities say the driver apparently lost control of the jeep after hitting the pedestrian.

MDA emergency response teams were called to the scene, where they declared the pedestrian dead. EMTs also provided first aid to the three injured in the crash.

After the three were treated, MDA ambulances evacuated them to Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba.

“There was a man roughly 50 years old lying in the middle of the road, unconscious, not breathing, and with no pulse,” said MDA paramedic Hanan Epstein. “He was suffering from very serious multi-organ injuries. He had no vital signs when we checked him, and we were forced to declare him dead at the scene.”

“We then provided first aid care to the three young people in the jeep who were lightly injured. After we treated them we evacuated them to the hospital.”