The parents, the quads and Dr. Samuelov
The parents, the quads and Dr. SamuelovShaarei Tzedek spokesman

A set of healthy quadruplets was born at the Shaarei Tzedek medical center from a spontaneous pregnancy. The quads were born during the Purim festival after they had undergone a long journey, as they travelled from Mexico to Israel in their mother's womb.

The 24-year-old couple married about two years ago and decided to move to the husband's birthplace in Mexico. The couple did not immediately succeed in getting pregnant but now have four healthy children.

The babies, two boys and two girls, were born by caesarean delivery in the 33rd week of pregnancy and weighed 1.5 kg on average.

"Cases of spontaneous birth of quadruplets are very rare," said Professor Arnon Samuelov, the head of the maternity department in Shaarei Tzedek and the doctor who performed the operation. "Even in extra-uterine pregnancies such births are uncommon."

The happy mother described her shock at hearing about the unusual pregnancy: "In the two years that we did not succeed in getting pregnant I felt that we should go back to the land of Israel and the moment I found that I had a multiple pregnancy I knew it was time to return. I am grateful that we have come back and that the children were born in Israel."

Multiple births are not unknown to the family as the grandmother of the babies had herself given birth to triplets, but the couple still cannot believe that after the two-year wait they have four healthy children.

At present they are preparing to take care of the four babies. "Obviously we will need a seven-seat car and I suppose that we will have to share caring for the babies between us. At first the children will be divided into two cribs," said the father, adding that family and friends were pitching in and offering their help with the babies.