At least 11 people were killed in two large explosions at the Teknologicheskiy Institut metro station in St. Petersburg Russia Monday afternoon, local media reported.

The Russian security services confirmed that 39 people are injured in addition to the fatalities.

Photographs from the scene show a train door blown off, as well as extensive damage inside the train.

The explosions are believed to be the result of bombs laden with shrapnel. The second explosion took place at 2:40 PM local time.

A witness at the scene wrote on Twitter: "I was riding down the escalator and they was suddenly an explosive wave from below, echoing from the tunnel. The station is evacuated."

All subway stations in St. Petersburg have been closed following the blasts.

The attack occurred while Russian President Vladimir Putin was in St. Petersburg for a meeting with the President of Belarus.

Putin said that Russian authorities were investigating all possible causes for the explosions, "including the suspicion of terrorism."