TaxiFlash 90

Israel's Tax Authority cracked down on registration violations in the southern city of Eilat.

During the operation, which was run by Eilat's assessing officer, included 55 supervisory visits to businesses of all types.

13% of these businesses were found to be misreporting their income.

The officers found that change makers had failed to report 5,500 NIS which they had received, and a property management company failed to report 2,600 NIS. Another property management company failed to report two deals amounting to 7,600 NIS.

The officers took four supervisory taxi rides and found that out of the four, two of the drivers failed to record the income made from the trip.

Eilat supervisors also visited two Eilat homes, and found one of them to be divided into four smaller units, while the other was divided into six. In both cases, the owners did not document or report any of the income earned from renting out the units.

The current operation was conducted as part of the Israel Tax Authority's efforts to crack down on tax evaders and those with undeclared capital.