Ron Kehrmann
Ron KehrmannMiriam Alster/Flash 90

Ron Kehrmann, whose daughter Tal was murdered in a terrorist attack on an Egged bus in Haifa in 2003, on Thursday criticized the Israeli TV show “Megiddo,” which documents the daily lives of Arab terrorists in Israel’s Megiddo prison and humanizes the terrorists.

"I was horrified to see this, I am very upset. I do not understand why an Israeli reporter tries to paint these terrorists as humane, they are terrorists who murdered and do not regret and even take pride in what they did. Maybe this gets TV ratings but you don’t do things like this for money,” Kehrmann told Arutz Sheva.

"These prisoners do not have to be seen or heard. Let them rot in jail. Why do they want to show me their human face, where was their humanity when they murdered their victims or when they planned to carry out attacks? Is this truly freedom of the press?” he continued.

Kehrmann expressed concern that the show would encourage more terrorists to carry out murderous attacks.

"It encourages those young terrorists who see that it is not so bad to be in jail, and it encourages terror. Whoever gave the approval to film and broadcast this series should be ashamed. Maybe I’m more sensitive than others, but why do they suddenly give the terrorists a stage? Maybe they will also give broadcast hours to rapists and murderers,” he said.

Culture and Sport Miri Regev on Tuesday sent a letter to representatives of families who have lost loved ones to terrorist attacks, in which she stressed that she is holding constant talks with the Attorney General to entrench her view that subversive activity ought not to be entitled to any support, and said that she has “established a committee which defines anew the rules for funding so as to prevent future cases like this.”

Regev said that, although she had not seen the one episode of the show which has so far been broadcast, “nevertheless, I instructed to have the show assessed [...As] long as the show contains harmful material, I will work through legal channels standing at my disposal to remove the support of the Ministry and State.”