Child treated by Border Police medic
Child treated by Border Police medic Police Spokesperson

A Border Police unit operating in the city of Hevron in Judea provided emergency first aid on Thursday to an Arab boy injured by a fall from the roof of a building.

The officers were deployed to Hevron as part of a routine operation, but during their mission were met by a group of local Arab children who were visibly upset and requesting immediate assistance for a friend who had suffered serious injuries in a fall.

The children led the Border Police officers to their injured friend, who had fallen while flying his kite from the roof of a nearby building.

A Border Police paramedic treated the boy at the scene.

“We heard children shouting when, to our surprise, a number of children ran up to us and began shouting in Arabic and directing us to a boy who had fallen from the roof of a building,” the Border Police paramedic said.

Two officers – the paramedic and an escort – rushed to the location of the injured youngster, where they found him lying fully conscious on the ground, suffering from head injuries.

The paramedic provided first aid to the injured boy, performed basic checks to assess his condition, then called for an IDF ambulance to evacuate him to a hospital.

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