MK Bezalel Smotrich
MK Bezalel SmotrichMK Bezalel Smotrich

MK Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home) warns of possible scenarios the Prime Minister may create as part of the political crisis, such as bringing the Zionist Union into the coalition instead of the Jewish Home and Kulanu parties.

"If the Prime Minister wants to bring Herzog in - let him do what he will, and the right will be out and we will return much bigger in the next elections," Smotrich said, "but Netanyahu knows that if he does that, he will betray the trust of the public that gave him his voice two years ago.

"The Prime Minister knows very well that he would not be Prime Minister today if he would not have broken hard to the right, because the public is on the right. We promised the public unequivocal promises, this government is supposed to be a right-wing Zionist and national government; that's what the public chose. I believe that the overwhelming majority of Likud ministers do not agree to such a move, but if it is to be done then perhaps it is time for us to take the right's leadership and replace it with something more dependable and idealistic.

Smotrich stresses that agreeing to the US administration's apparent demands for a construction freeze would be to cross a red line: "We do not need to ask or get permission from the US to build because we are an independent state. I never thought Trump was a messiah and also today I think it should be easier for us to stand for our interests in the face of the new administration even if we do not get their consent.

"Unfortunately the Prime Minister is not able to do that because the Prime Minister is in a paradox. On the one hand, he says that he wants to establish an Arab state in Judea and Samaria, and on the other hand, he demands from the Americans to be able to build outside the blocs. This is a contradiction. If he would tell Trump that he goes back on his Bar-Ilan speech and that the establishment of an Arab state would endanger Israel and that he will apply sovereignty and go back to building here, there would be opening for dialogue, but if he repeats the same concept then he has nothing with which to convince the Americans.

"To tell Trump that we have to build three houses here and three houses there in order to calm the Jewish Home, I say that it will not calm us and we will act against it," MK Smotritch explains.

"We have no doubt that the public will punish them, they will be harmed by elections, and we may be able to profit from it as the Jewish Home and move on to the slot we want to be in and lead the right in the State of Israel. Elections are now on an issue that no one in the public understands. It is an irresponsible step.

He says criticism of the Broadcast Corporation is correct, "In substance, the prime minister is right, the structure of the corporation is monstrous, maybe there are good people there, but a body financed entirely by public funds had to be supervised by the public, and today there is no such supervision. This is an excessive violation of the balance. A monster no one can control.

"Of course, we need free communication, but we need public supervision of the policy and the management of funds. Therefore, I do not understand any relevant argument of Minister Kahlon and now I think these are only ego battles about who climbed the tree higher and who descended from it and if because of a petty ego we go to elections then both the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister will pay the price."