Netanyahu contacts Ayala by phone
Netanyahu contacts Ayala by phone Moshe Lev Ran

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was moved by the words of 14 year old Ayala Shapira, who delivered a speech at the European Parliament pro-Judea and Samaria lobby on Tuesday after having been severely burned in a terrorist attack in 2011.

Ayala had been riding with her father on a Samaria highway when terrorists through a Molotov Cocktail through their window. Ayelet suffered severe burns ad was hospitalized for eight months.

She spoke of the tragedy that one of her attackers was a 16 year old teenager who carried out the attack because he knew that the PA would provide money to his family if he was arrested while attacking Jews.

Prime Minister Netanyahu met with Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan Wednesday, and afterwards he told Ayala how moved he was by her speech.

"We all heard you," Netanyahu told Ayelet. "You have moved me, because you said the simple truth in such a convincing and true manner, because it derives from your experiences, from your pain, and from the truth we all [face]."

"I want to thank you in the name of all of us, the entire people of Israel. Thank you Ayala. There should be only good [for you] and it was well done - tremendous respect," Netanyahu added.

Dagan thanked the Prime Minister for his kind words. "I can tell you, Prime Minister, that Ayala was a real hero in spite of the pain, and I am proud that we have such a resident and a girl like her in Judea and Samaria."