Haredi demonstration
Haredi demonstrationYonatan Sindel, Flash 90

As the Religious Zionist sector struggles with the IDF's kulturkampf being waged to minimize Torah influence in army leadership, Israeli Police announced today (Monday) that it has opened an investigation into leafleting in several Petah Tikva neighborhoods where Yaakov Rashi lives, head of the IDF's haredi conscription unit, calling on the public to pray for his death.

"An investigation was opened for harassment, threats, and the publication of a manifesto containing statements against the IDF officer responsible for recruiting yeshiva students. A request was sent to the State Attorney's Office to open an investigation into incitement," the police said.

The leaflet stated: "Since that wicked one's exploits are already known, that trapper of souls, and with an outpouring of hatred he sends the youth of Israel to prison and connives in his cruelty to prolong their incarceration. Therefore, the great Sages instructed us to do as our Forefathers did when confronted with wickedness: To cry out to the Creator of the Universe to take pity on us, and may sinners pass from the earth."

The leaflet mentions Rashi's name and his mother's name for the prayer to "eliminate the wicked":

"People everywhere should pray with the mention of his name for ignominy, Yaakov Menachem ben Naomi, and they should say in reference to him chapter 10 and chapter 109 in Psalms about eliminating the wicked. And the L-rd will hear our prayer that we will soon be saved from the wicked Yaakov Rashi - may his name and memory be erased!"

In recent hours, the anti-conscription Jerusalem Faction has been active at central junctions on the border between Bnei Brak and Ramat Gan. So far, four rioters have been arrested by the police.