Ambassador Ron Dermer
Ambassador Ron Dermer Reuters

Israeli Ambassador to the US, Ron Dermer praised the unprecedented lack of "daylight" between Israel and the US under the administration of President Donald Trump.

“When it comes to the great challenges facing Israel and the United States, for the first time in many years, perhaps in many decades, there is no daylight between our two governments,” Dermer declared at the AIPAC annual policy conference Sunday.

He said that “there was a meeting of the minds” when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyagu met with President Trump in Washington DC last month.

“That has made me even more confident that our alliance will be considerably stronger in the years ahead,” Dermer added.

He said that Iran remains the greatest threat in the Middle East for both Israel and the US.

We both recognize that the nuclear deal [reached by former President Barack Obama] does not block Iran’s path to the bomb and that Iran’s appetite for aggression and terror has only grown since that deal was signed and sanctions were removed," Dermer said

“We also recognize that the worst outcome that could emerge from the horrific violence in Syria would be to effectively cede parts of Syria to Iran and Hezbollah.

He also noted that "the rising tide of militant Islam which has engulfed the Middle East has also enabled a rare moment of opportunity to bring Israel and many in the Arab world closer together. In working together to thwart common dangers, there is a real prospect of building a genuine path towards reconciliation in the region — a path not based on empty hopes and dangerous illusions, but a path based on a clear-eyed understanding of shared threats as well as a common desire for a safer, more prosperous and more peaceful future.”