Jason Greenblatt meets with PA chief Mahmoud Abbas
Jason Greenblatt meets with PA chief Mahmoud AbbasFLASH90

The secretary-general of the Arab League told the Palestinian daily Al-Watan that the PA chairman was expected to present a new initiative during the League conference on Wednesday in Jordan. He said the initiative would offer new solutions to the "Palestinian issue" in light of "settlement expansion" and international withdrawal from support for the two-state solution. The purpose of the initiative is in order to achieve the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

The PA Chairman was invited to a meeting with President Trump, which is expected to occur in the near future. The President expressed his commitment to the peace process to Abbas. Abbas also met with Jason Greenblatt, Trump's adviser on Middle East affairs. Following that conversation, Abbas expressed his belief that the American president would restart the negotiations process between Israel and the Palestinians anew.

It was reported that Jibril Rajoub, a high-ranking member of Abbas's Fatah party said he believed Trump could be less beholden to certain interest groups than previous US presidents.

US President Donald Trump sees Mahmud Abbas as a "strategic partner" and the Palestinian Authority leader wants to engage with him to work towards a two-state solution, Rajoub said.

He said that in Trump's phone call with Abbas on March 10 -- their first conversation since the US election -- he told the PA chairman he wanted to "end the suffering".