Haredi demonstrators in Jerusalem protest draft law
Haredi demonstrators in Jerusalem protest draft lawFLASH90

Members of the extremist haredi organization the 'Yerushalmi Faction' protested Thursday evening on Route 1, the main route connecting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The Yerushalmi Faction had published a message earlier in the day warning motorists traveling between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to avoid Route 1 and hinted that they would engage in disruptive protests against the detention of draft dodgers.

Yeshiva students from the group blocked several roads in the capital. Police acted to disperse the protesters, taking at least three into custody.

The demonstrations follow the attempted disruption of the Jerusalem marathon by members of the Yerushalmi Faction last week.

The faction issued a call to arms to its followers this week, calling on them to resist the "evil state" and take part in the "war against Amalek"

"The holy Torah asks of us one thing: do not stand idly by. Go act and protest," the faction said in a recorded message.