Minister Gilad Erdan
Minister Gilad Erdan Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Minister Gilad Erdan published a post on his Facebook account in which he claims that "Haaretz is disconnected from reality in Israel."

Erdan was reacting to an editorial in Haaretz which said that "The struggle against the Israeli occupation, whether from Israel or abroad, is legitimate, just and moral - and every person of conscience is entitled to participate in it. Moreover, the means of struggle in question, boycotts and nonviolent sanctions, are legitimate in view of the illegal status of the settlements."

The minister wrote that "a newspaper that calls on Israelis to oppose the struggle I am waging against the boycott against Israel and the BDS, apparently does not really understand what is happening here."

"Instead of Haaretz simply admitting that they support a boycott of Israel, they launched an attack on me, which of course will not deter me even if they continue to write lies about how I operate.

"I will continue to act so that those who want to bring about the end of Israel as a Jewish state will pay a price for their actions, and those who get bent out of shape, you already know what will happen to them," Erdan concluded.

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