Testing for the rabbinate
Testing for the rabbinateFlash 90

Israel's Chief Rabbinate this week held an orientation for 60 test checkers, who will mark the upcoming tests for the rabbinate.

Participating in the orientation was Chief Ashkenazic Rabbi David Lau, and Rabbinate Director Moshe Dagan.

As a result of the increase in the number of people taking the tests, the rabbinate has decided to increase the number of people checking the tests. According to the Chief Rabbinate, 120 candidates responded to the notice, and 60 were chosen.

3,441 people will take the next round of tests for the rabbinate, representing a 40% increase.

The Chief Rabbinate has also become stricter about the rules, and requires those grading the tests to finish in time, so the marks can be published within the required 90 days.

Speaking to the test graders, Lau emphasized the importance of training the next generation of rabbis. He also spoke about the importance of testing potential rabbis on all areas of Jewish law, and emphasized that the tests include many questions taken from daily life - questions every rabbi is asked during his time on the job.

According to Lau, the dramatic increase in the number of those testing for the rabbinate shows an increase in the amount of faith yeshiva and kollel students have in the rabbinate's ability to test potential rabbis.

The rabbinate will continue working to ensure orderly testing procedures, and will work as hard as possible to ensure testing and marking go smoothly, Dagan said.