Neturei Karta activists in Montreal, Canada, recently published a video documenting the burning of an Israeli flag during the holiday of Purim.

The clip shows a number of Neturei Karta members setting fire to the Israeli flag and then singing and dancing with children while the burning flag is shown in the background.

The movement boasted that similar ceremonies were held on Purim in Jerusalem, London and New York.

The Neturei Karta faction objects to the very existence of the State of Israel, and some of its members even express support for the actions of Iran and Palestinian Arabs against Israel.

Members of Neturei Karta in Canada have regularly participated in demonstrations and other events with pro-terror organizations like the Palestine House, to which the Canadian government cut funding in 2012 due to its “pattern of support for extremism.”

Last year, a group of Neturei Karta protesters demonstrated against the Walk With Israel in Toronto.

The protesters waved PLO flags and erected signs reading “Jews Mourn 68 Years Existence of ‘Israel’ A Rebellion Against the Almighty and Disaster for Humanity,” and “Solution! Peace Dismantlement of the ‘Israeli’ State," among others.