Police line (illustration)
Police line (illustration) iStock

An Israeli man in Ohio is in critical condition after being shot repeatedly in a residential area in the city of Cleveland.

The man, reportedly in his early 30s, was shot Monday night and left for dead. Local media outlets say the victim was later spotted by a woman who was coming to check out a house for rent in the neighborhood.

Emergency response teams were called to the scene, provided the man with first aid, then evacuated him to University Hospital’s intensive care unit.

Cleveland Police Detective Reginald Lanton told reporters the victim had been shot in his face and leg.

Investigators say the victim was unable to speak following the shooting, but was able to communicate with police using hand signals.

Witnesses say a suspicious individual was spotted walking down the street moments before the shots were fired.

An expended firearm round, bike, and bloody backpack containing a laptop were found at the scene.

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