Police remove demonstrator in Jerusalem
Police remove demonstrator in Jerusalem Jonathan Zindel, Flash 90

The haredi protest over the arrest of deserters has intensified, with dozens of members of the Jerusalem Faction of the Lithuanian haredim demonstrating at a number of junctions in Jerusalem Beit Dagan and at the Reem Junction.

Heavy traffic was registered in the areas where demonstrations are taking place.

The Jerusalem Faction announced that the demonstrations are in response to the arrest of three draft dodgers who failed to sign their deferment in the IDF enlistment bureau. Among those arrested was Avraham Petrov, son of Jerusalem Faction spokesman Yosef Petrov and another person from Beit Shemesh arrested Sunday night by army police.

The demonstrators blocked the Jerusalem light railway near the Central Bus Station. Border Policeman evacuated the demonstrators from the rails. On Jaffa street a number of demonstrators blocked the road intermittently and police arrested four of them.

Dozens of demonstrators arrived at the Sakharov gardens at the entrance to Jerusalem. Some of the demonstrators tried to disturb the order and block the main road. Police arrested three demonstrators who blocked the road.

Earlier, Highway 1 to Jerusalem was blocked at the Harel Interchange after demonstrators tried to stop traffic. After a short time traffic resumed. Route 412 near the Beit Dagan junction was blocked to traffic on both sides. Police dispersed the demonstrators.

Demonstrators also attempted to block the Reem Junction near Kiryat Malachi but police prevented them from blocking the road.