Miri Regev
Miri RegevNoam Rivkin Fenton, Flash 90

Culture Minister Regev commented this morning (Sunday) on the deepening coalition crisis created by Prime Minister Netanyahu on the issue of closing the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation (IPBC).

"It can not be that coalition agreements are violated", said the Culture Minister in an interview with Army Radio. "There can be no deviation from the budget, it is not the Finance Ministry's prerogative."

Regev explained that the Prime Minister backtracked from the agreement with Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon (Kulanu) after it became clear to him that all the facts were not presented to him: "The Prime Minister was presented with additional data. It was made clear to the Prime Minister that the revamped broadcasting corporation will operate for less than 700 million shekels and is willing to undergo further cuts.

"The Broadcasting Authority works, there is a channel that works well, why replace it with a corporation that we do not know how it will work," wondered Regev, "My opinion regarding the IBPC I have already said, that it was conceived in sin. What was is irrelevant. The Likud constantly examines itself and says if we were wrong - we'll fix it."

"There's no reason to start a new corporation," stated Regev. "There can't be a situation where a corporation or organization or association receives a public budget with no oversight; it can't be that for every 200 thousand shekels they make a small organization go through hell and here there is no oversight on a public budget."

"It is wrong that we should send a thousand employees home before Passover and employ other workers for salaries of 40 thousand shekels," Regev added.