Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on Saturday evening departed for a state visit to Vietnam at the invitation of the country’s president.

Rivlin was accompanied on his visit by a delegation of Israeli business leaders headed by President of Israel’s Manufacturers' Association, Shraga Brosh, and a further delegation of heads of Israeli defense industry firms, led by Director General of the International Defense Cooperation Directorate of the Israel Ministry of Defense Reserve Brigadier General Michel Ben-Baruch.

“I am departing now on an important visit to Vietnam,” said Rivlin, “this visit represents an expression of the growing friendship between our two countries.

“Together with me is travelling a delegation of heads of leading Israeli companies from across the market, and a delegation of heads of defense companies in a range of fields. We see in Vietnam a county leading Asia, and we are following with appreciation their impressive economic growth. Security and economic cooperation between us will promote this prosperity and growth of both countries, and will contribute to the stability to each of our regions.”

“I believe that cooperation between Israel and Vietnam can contribute to the advancement and improvement of the lives of many. Together we can promote food security, agricultural advancements, water technologies, education, health, hi-tech, and cyber.

“We hope that over the course of this visit we will be able to advance in a very significant way efforts toward the signing of a free trade agreement between Israel and Vietnam, and to the strengthening of the firm friendship between our peoples.”

President of Israel’s Manufacturers' Association, Shraga Brosh commented, “I am grateful to President Rivlin for including this prestigious business delegation in his visit to Vietnam. I am sure that this visit will promote trade with Vietnam, open doors, and strengthen the economic ties between the countries.”