Running together
Running togetherYachad

Israel is home to tens of thousands of immigrants from the US and other English speaking countries. Children with disabilities from English-speaking families struggle to find their place in Israeli society, as the language barrier can be even more difficult for individuals with special needs to overcome.

The organization 'Yachad,' a branch of OU Israel, is the only organization in Israel which works to meet the needs of immigrants and the children of immigrants with disabilities, including their integration into Israeli society. 600 runners, including 80 from the US, joined with Yachad to participate in the Jerusalem marathon this morning to raise money for the special needs children.

Each participant raised money on his or her own, and the toal amount of money raised by all participants was approximately $500,000.

In addition, about 40 special needs students participated in their own race of about 800 meters alongside NBA star Amar'e Stoudemire, who has been playing for Hapoel Jerusalem recently.

OU Israel CEO Rabbi Avi Berman said: "The OU organization has undertaken many missions of social assistance, including assistance to disabled youth across the country, as well as assistance to immigrants from the United States, including English speakers with disabilities, immigrants and the children of immigrants who have no supporting framework which is suitable for them in the language they speak."