Dummy dressed as soldier hanged in effigy in Meah Sharim
Dummy dressed as soldier hanged in effigy in Meah Sharim Flash90

During a hearing that took place in the Knesset’s State Control Committee, it became apparent that the state attorney has approved a police investigation into the incident of the dolls representing haredi soldiers which were put up on the Purim holiday - due to suspicions of incitement to violence against haredi soldiers.

Relating to the dolls which had been put up in the Meah Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem, Intelligence Investigations Officer for the Jerusalem district Moti Schiff requested the help of the state attorney, which acceded immediately and gave a green light to open an investigation. “Police collected the dolls and the other findings at the scenes, opened a file, sent everything to the state attorney and said that we suspect that incitement to violence exists. We received approval within minutes,” the Officer said.

In contrast, there are cases which do not lead to an immediate investigation. “The campaign in which haredi soldiers were depicted as pigs did not lead to an investigation. As much as it sounds hurtful, the state attorney did not see in it a criminal offense, therefore we didn’t open an investigation,” he explained.