Gaza terror tunnel
Gaza terror tunnelReuters

Geologist Yossi Langotsky, former adviser to the IDF Chief of Staff on the issue of the tunnel threat, told Arutz Sheva that he is very worried about the possibility of a new front in northern Israel which, he says, may include tunnels that Israel’s enemies intend to use to infiltrate Israel and carry out terror attacks against Israelis.

“As I warned in the past, there is a high probability that Hezbollah has dug tunnels into our borders. Unfortunately, despite all that I said in the past, nothing was done about this. The rock in the north is supposed to be [hard], but believe me that it’s not harder than the granite in North Korea, and the North Koreans, who are involved here in the Middle East, have dug four attack tunnels into South Korea. Every tunnel they dug was two by two meters, big enough to pass through any military vehicle short of a tank. Tunnels like that from southern Lebanon to Israel can be very unpleasant for us.”

Langotsky asserted that, despite his warnings over the years, the Army ignored what he had to say. “I worried in particular after [Operation] Protective Edge, because not a single military committee called me to ask my opinion on this matter. Maybe, because they were so angry at me for badgering them with warnings over the years, they turned me into an enemy of the state. The State Comptroller received over 100 documents from me in which I laid out my suggestions for the defense establishment, including the establishment of an underground system which, in all probability, would have discovered most of the tunnels in Protective Edge and changed the tide of the war - and all that, unfortunately, didn’t go into the State Comptroller’s report. That was a big mistake.”