OfraFlash 90

Yesterday, community members in Ofra in the Binyamin region held a ceremony during which the foundation stone was laid for 10 new housing units in Ofra’s “Hahaganah” neighborhood.

After the destruction of the nine housing units last week, Ofra is trying to pick up the pieces and continue forward to new building in the community. The Brodt and Dalfan families, whose houses were destroyed last week, will live in two of the new units whose building started today.

Speaking with Arutz Sheva, Esther Brodt said that “the Supreme Court ruled to destroy the houses, but it has such an ability only because Israeli governments hesitate, don’t lay out policy and, primarily, act irresponsibly and merely promise that it will all be okay instead of acting so that it will indeed be okay. We are witness to change that is happening, but a long path lies ahead towards bolstering settlement and connecting all parts of the nation to the great values in which we believe.”

“We are here, in the State of Israel, in Ofra, in the merit of our forefathers, history, and many people who paid and are paying a price too heavy to bear.”

“Let us stop speaking in terms of mourning and destruction and start speaking in terms of birth and flowering. Today, eight days after we were evicted from our home, we are laying a foundation stone for the 10 new houses in Ofra, among them the house of the Dalfan family and ours.

“In the name and honor of those who paid and are paying heavy prices, we must continue to live here, reside here, build in the Land of Israel. We must not give up. Because the struggle for the normalization of settlement, of Ofra, has not yet finished. The destruction of the 9 houses was painful, but only a bump in the road. We must continue to change the destruction into building and the grief into happiness. This is our homeland, and we have no other,” she added.

Shira Dalfan, also evicted from her home last week and building it now anew, said, “whoever thought that the destruction of the houses in Ofra would weaken our hold over the Land sees today the first step towards widening our hold over the Land, paving the way to thousands of new houses across the Land of Israel, with the help of G-d.”

“With the laying of the foundation stone for our home, we pray that we will speedily merit to see the laying of the foundation stone for the Holy Temple, and that this month will change from grief to happiness, from mourning to holiday,” she added.