Knife found on terrorist at Tapuah junction
Knife found on terrorist at Tapuah junction Courtesy of Israeli Police

A stabbing attack at a security checkpoint in the Tapuah Junction in Samaria was foiled Sunday morning by Border Police officers stationed in the area.

The arrest came after an officer at a lookout point spotted two suspicious individuals sneaking through nearby groves towards the junction.

After the officer alerted the unit stationed in the checkpoint regarding the two suspects, soldiers converged on their location. The two individuals were ordered to halt and provide identification.

A subsequent search of the two revealed a combat knife, leading to the immediate arrest of both.

According to the initial investigation into the incident, one of the two terrorists arrested had studied the operating patterns of security forces deployed to Tapuah Junction, and now planned to aid a second terrorist, armed with a knife, in attacking civilians waiting at a nearby bus stop, as well as soldiers manning the checkpoint.

The two terrorists, both residents of Shechem, have been transferred to IDF security headquarters for interrogation.