Al-Aqsa mosque
Al-Aqsa mosqueFlash 90

Al-Aqsa preacher Sheikh Yousuf Abu Senina said during his lecture on Friday that the human rights violations Israel commits against "Palestinians" are a "tax" the "Palestinians" pay for standing firm against "occupying" Israel.

"Despite all of the invasions, the daily arrests, the continued destruction of homes, the expulsion of residents, the break-ins at al Aqsa mosque, the siege on Gaza, the torture our prisoners go through in Israeli jails - despite all of this, our Palestinian nation still stands strong and stands up to the suffering," Abu Senina said.

In fact, while illegally built Jewish buildings are almost always destroyed, illegal Arab buildings rarely suffer the same fate. On Routes 25 and 80, dozens of illegal Arab buildings are built every day, and despite complaints, the Israel Land Authority has not yet demolished any of them.

In addition, not every Arab terrorist serves a prison sentence, and those who do enjoy VIP conditions. Jews who visit the Temple Mount must be accompanied by security personnel, find their movements severely restricted, and are often harassed by Arabs.

While the IDF and Israeli Police do arrest Arabs on a daily basis, those arrested are all terrorists or involved in terror activities.

According to Arab newspaper Kodes Peres, 584 Israelis entered al-Aqsa's courtyard, including 37 intelligence officers who gathered information and 3 Antiquity Authority officials. The paper also said this week was the third in a row during which Israeli security officials did not allow Gaza residents to pray at al-Aqsa.