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In preparation for the upcoming holiday of Purim, the rabbis of the stringent Eida Haharedit group which rejects Zionism and any connection with the State, including refraining from voting or accepting National Insurance payments, called on haredi parents not to allow their children to dress up as soldiers or police officers.

In their letter, they note soldiers are seen as role models for children and youth.

"We are currently dealing with the wicked decree forcing Jewish boys to be drafted into the IDF and enter the army and National Service melting pot," the Eida Haharedit wrote in their letter. "Soon it will be Purim, when Jewish children are accustomed to wearing costumes. It is well known that great Torah leaders of previous generations said the draft decree is a result of children admiring and wanting to imitate soldiers."

"Therefore we call upon the parents not to allow their sons to dress as IDF soldiers or police officers. We will stand firm and distance ourselves from them. We will estrange ourselves from soldiers and police officers and all they stand for.

"We also call upon teachers in our haredi schools to explain to their students the severity of the issue, and tell them to distance and isolate themselves from these dangers."