A 14-year old boy was sent to the hospital after being attacked by a police officer Thursday morning.

The attack occurred at about dawn near the town of Kochav Hashachar in the Binyamin region. Police officers accompanied the minor to Hadassah Medical Center on Mt. Scopus in Jerusalem for treatment for the injuries he suffered in the attack. The boy's hand was found to be broken.

At the hospital, the police refused the boy's request to tell his family that he had been evacuated for treatment. Passers-by helped him and turned to the Honenu legal aid organization, which reported the incident to his family and his lawyer.

The minor was discharged after several hours of treatment, after which he was taken into custody and accused of assaulting a police officer.

Honenu attorney Ze'ev Wolf filed an urgent appeal to the Jerusalem Magistrate Court Thursday evening to order the minor's release.

A witness to the assault said: "This morning, several police officers arrived on the scene, as part of their persistent and repeated harassment of us, and demanded our ID cards. We asked them to leave, and they decided to stop one of the boys."

"A policeman grabbed the boy and began to pull on him hard. Another boy came up to him and said 'no violence!' In response, the policeman began to violently attack the boy, knocking him to the ground. He kicked the boy while he was screaming 'you broke my hand!' Then they handcuffed the boy and arrested him. The cop just lost his temper and started acting crazy," the witness said.