l.Ambulance at Shaarei Tzedek hospita
l.Ambulance at Shaarei Tzedek hospitaFlash 90

The 11-month-old baby who fell into a tub of water last Friday afternoon passed away in Jerusalem Wednesday in the Shaarei Tzedek hospital. MDA paramedics summoned to her house gave her emergency treatment and transferred her in critical condition to Shaarei Tzedek hospital.

Paramedics Issa Dwiat and Eyal Mor Yosef, who were present at the scene stated that "the baby was unconscious, had no pulse and was not breathing. Her body temperature was low and she had signs of drowning. After advanced emergency treatment the pulse and blood pressure were restored and she was transferred to the hospital in very serious condition."

At the beginning of the month a Bedouin child also succumbed to drowning in a tub of water. The BeTerem organization which is dedicated to improving child safety and preventing child accidents, reported that since 2008 144 children have died of drowning.

A third of these children were under the age of 4 and in 45% of the cases the child drowned in his own home. The organization's head, Orli Silbinger, stated that "its important to empty every bucket, tub, bath or pool and to prevent access to reservoirs which cannot be emptied."

In the first two months of 2017 alone 3 children have died of drowning.