Benzi Gopstein
Benzi Gopstein Eliran Aharon

Hebrew University professor Amiram Goldblum, described the head of the Lehava organization, Benzi Gopstein, as a "neo-Nazi" in a group mail he circulated. Lehava is an anti-assimilation organization, that fights intermarriage between Arabs and Jews.

In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Goldblum claimed that Gopstein's activities were no different from those of neo-Nazis in Europe. "The actions speak for themselves. The xenophobia expressed by neo-Nazis today all over Europe has been present in some countries for many years. The same methods are now returning in the US as evident in anti-Semitic Evangelical activity. The Evangelists even have a senior and for some reason well respected representative in Israel- Yehiel Eckstein.[Founder of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews]."

Goldblum claimed that the renewed activity of the racist KKK organization was also an offshoot of the Evangelists.

The chemistry professor admitted that there were many other experts who could describe the similarity between the organizations better than he, as this is not his line of research. However he refused to retract his definition of Gopstein as neo-Nazi and stressed: "I am giving a mild description of what I think of Gopstein when I call him neo-Nazi. This [Lehava] is how neo-Nazi groups look today in Europe and the US, and this is how the Nazi movement itself started."

The professor claimed that there is no connection between the word "Nazi" and the "final solution" in which six million Jews were murdered. "The Nazi party existed from the beginning of the 1920s while the final solution was only implemented 20 years later."

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