MoneyFlash 90

Israel Police arrested last week an Arab resident of Jerusalem suspected of impersonation and of fraudulently obtaining money.

Initial investigations show the suspect, 48, impersonated the Interior Ministry's Family Reunification Department Director several times in the past six months.

Assuming he was the department's director, Arab residents of Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria paid him money and gave him the documents necessary to advance their cases. Immediately after receiving both documents and money, the suspect disappeared.

So far, investigators have managed to locate 15 of the victims, who filed a complaint against the suspect.

Authorities estimate the suspect pocketed approximately 150,000 NIS.

The suspect's arrest has been extended until Tuesday and his investigation is still ongoing, with investigators hoping to find additional victims who can provide testimony against him.

"Israel Police works continuously to find and arrest those suspected of fraudulently collecting the money of innocent citizens... We will continue to work for the safety of all citizens, including those living in Jerusalem's Arab neighborhoods," a police spokesman said.