Gaza terror tunnel
Gaza terror tunnelReuters

The State Comptroller will release the report on Operation Protective Edge on Tuesday, two and a half years after the conflict.

Senior officials in the Security Cabinet and elsewhere said today that Hamas currently has at least 15 attack tunnels, and their remarks raised questions about the efficacy of the operation's achievements as declared by the political and security establishment following the 50 day conflict.

According to a report by Channel 2, officials say that Hamas currently has attack tunnels which cross under the border from Gaza into Israel. The IDF had announced at the end of Operation Protective Edge that it had destroyed all attack tunnels. These may, however, be tunnels built after the operation, as Hamas diverts cement allowed into Gaza for civilian reconstruction and uses it to build tunnels.

There have been a significant number of accidents in the tunnels, causing speculation about whether Israel has developed methods to cause tunnels to collapse, and what those suspected methods might be. Speculations run from man-made tremors to lower grade cement. The government has not answered questions on the subject.