MK Haim Jelin
MK Haim Jelin Ben Kalmer, Flash 90

MK Haim Jelin (Yesh Atid), who heads the Knesset's Israel-Mexico Union, asked Mexico's Carlos Arrieta to intervene in the crisis created by Mexico's new surrogacy laws.

Under Mexico's new policy, three Israeli fathers who paid Mexican surrogates to have their babies cannot bring those babies home, since Mexico refuses to release the babies' birth certificates.

In Jelin's letter, he wrote, "TOur countries share a deep respect and a strong connection. We would like to come to a mutually approved agreement, which will allow the Israeli fathers and their babies to return to Israel without breaking local Mexican laws.

"The recent policy change, which came into effect a year ago, led the Mexican authorities to refuse to grant birth certificates to the babies who were born to Israeli citizens through Mexican surrogacy. The Israelis and their babies are currently trapped in Mexico, without financial resources or proper health care.

"Israeli representatives are willing to sit with the local authorities to find a solution which will allow these babies to return to their homes in Israel.

"Since our two countries have deep connections and we work parallel and as partners, I am asking your help in bringing this crisis to a close and aiding these Israeli families."

This is not the first time Israeli fathers have run into issues taking babies born to surrogates abroad home to Israel. In 2014, Israeli authorities warned citizens not to use Thai surrogates, since the babies are considered Thai citizens in every sense.