Rabbi Yaakov Edelstein
Rabbi Yaakov EdelsteinYaakov Cohen/Flash90

The Rabbi of Ramat Hasharon, Rabbi Yaakov Edelstein of blessed memory, passed away this afternoon (Thursday) at the age of 92.

In recent months, Rabbi Edelstein was hospitalized several times due to his deteriorating health. Last week, Rabbi Edelstein was hospitalized in serious condition in Laniado hospital in Netanya. This afternoon there was a serious deterioration in his condition. Doctors fought for his life, but were finally forced to declare his death.

Six months ago, he was hospitalized for two months after a serious illness encumbered his breathing. During his hospitalization he sent a letter of thanks from his sickbed to all those praying and undertaking resolutions for his recovery.

"The public is already aware of my situation, and I who need advocates, express my gratitude and recognition to everybody who prays and strengthens their observance in something," wrote the rabbi in his letter.

He further requested emphasizing answering "Amen" in "Kaddish d'Rabanan": "Many asked me what resolution to accept, and really each should choose what he prefers ... All those who benefitted from my lessons and talks at the yeshiva, will cause me great pleasure if they would intensify concentration while listening to Kaddish d'Rabanan and Amen, without interruption in speech or some action such as wrapping tefillin, etc'".