Rami the rhinoceros
Rami the rhinocerosShai Ben-Naftali

One-month-old baby rhinoceros Rami left the safari's "maternity ward" on Tuesday to join the rest of the herd in the field.

Rami is his mother Rihanna's first baby, and followed his mother calmly out of the "maternity ward" when the safari's director opened the gates.

At first, the two ran to the open areas, with Rihanna running to catch up to Rami. They then stopped near the rest of the herd.

Until the week prior to Rami's birth, Rihanna spent most of her time with her three close friends Karnevala, Tarkal, and Tashi. Exiting the "ward" after Rami's birth, Rihanna found herself and her son accepted by the rest of the herd, who were excited to see them both.

Safari workers will monitor Rami and Rihanna over the coming days to ensure their acclimation continues to go well.

Rami is the twenty-ninth rhinoceros to be born on the safari since its inception. The Israeli safari currently has the largest herd of broad-lipped rhinoceroses in the world.