Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu slammed the demand by two former Australian Prime Ministers that their nation recognize the Palestinian Authority as a sovereign state.

Former Labor premiers Kevin Rudd and Bob Hawke issued statements ahead of Netanyahu’s state visit to Australia, calling for the recognition of Palestinian statehood.

Speaking at a press conference in Sydney with Australia’s incumbent Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnball, Wednesday, Netanyahu rebuked the demand, pointing out that the Palestinian Authority still advocates Israel’s destruction and incites violence against Jews.

“I ask both former prime ministers to ask a simple question: What kind of state will it be that they are advocating? A state that calls for Israel’s destruction? A state whose territory will be used immediately for radical Islam?”

A final status arrangement, Netanyahu continued, must be based on direct negotiations, provide for Israeli security control over the area, and require of the Palestinian Authority full recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, a total rejection of anti-Israel incitement, and an end to calls for the dismantling of Israel.

“We have to ensure that Israel has the overriding security control of all the territories, all the territories. Other than that, I want the Palestinians to be able to govern themselves and to have all the freedoms to do so, but not the freedom to destroy the Jewish state.”

Prime Minister Turnbull, who met with Netanyahu on Wednesday, published an article ahead of the Israeli leader’s visit, pledging his support for the two-state solution.

In the piece, Turnbull called for Israel and the Palestinian Authority to negotiate a final status agreement putting to the end of the conflict, “so that Palestinians will have their own state and the people of Israel can be secure within agreed borders.”

Turnbull also condemned December’s United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israel communities in Judea, Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem, and blasted efforts to boycott Israel.