Five-year-old Danielle Shefi, the youngest of the four Jews murdered in yesterday’s Arab terrorist attack in Adura, was laid to rest this morning in Kiryat Gat. She was killed early yesterday morning when two Arabs disguised as IDF soldiers infiltrated the west-of-Hevron community and began firing automatic weapons into homes. Seven residents were wounded, including one seriously and three listed in moderate condition.

At around 9:15 AM, the Moslem terrorists cut a hole in the Adura security fence, then began advancing on the first homes they saw. They shot through the windows of several homes and broke in to at least another one. The attack began while many men in the town, including members of the emergency first-response unit, were at the synagogue for Sabbath morning prayers.

The five-year-old Danielle was killed when a terrorist entered her home and shot her as she lay in her bed. Photographs of the little girl\'s bedroom show her Mickey Mouse sheets soaked with blood. The toddler victim\'s grandfather, Kiryat Arba resident Yitzchak Ben-Hevron, is a survivor of the 1929 pogrom in which 67 Jews were slaughtered in Hevron by their Moslem neighbors. Her father, Yaakov, later said tearfully,

"I was in a neighbor's house at the time, and when I heard that terrorists were shooting in the rooms in my house, I thought I was alone in the world. The reason why I still have a wife, and two children, is because of the bravery of my wife [who hid the two other children, aged 1 and 4; they were lightly hurt]… The terrorist came into Danielle\'s room - just five years old, an angel! - and she thought it was an Israeli soldier, and she looked at him with wide eyes as he started to shoot at her! … These Palestinian terrorists, when they have guns in their hands, they simply don\'t care who they're shooting - even little children…\"

Also murdered in the attack were 45-year-old Katya Greenberg, shot in her bedroom; her husband Vladimir was seriously wounded. In addition, two members of the town’s emergency response team, Yaakov Katz, 50, and Arik Becker, 23, were also killed in an exchange of gunfire with the terrorists on the street. Arik Becker was buried this afternoon in Jerusalem. Yaakov Katz and the Greenberg couple had immigrated to Israel from Russia.

After the attack, which lasted for about 15 minutes, the terrorists fled through the same hole in the fence they had entered. IDF soldiers pursued the terrorists and killed one after he opened fire at the troops in the neighboring village of Tufah, between Hevron and Adura, from whence the terrorists apparently came. A military raid had been planned against the village last week, but was canceled at the last minute for reasons that are currently unclear.

Adura-resident Elena Chazan, whose husband Avi was killed two months ago in the Beit Yisrael slaughter following a Bar Mitzvah weekend in Jerusalem, spoke with Arutz-7 today:

"Many people are still in shock, but we are calm and united. We are like one big family here… I visited the Becker family [who lost their 23-year-old son Avi here] and told the mother, 'I can't imagine myself even for one second in your position, but I know how hard it is for me and how much strength is required, and that we will draw our strength from the children and from our faith, and we will be able to withstand [the difficulties]. Otherwise, nothing was worth it, all the sacrifices will be in vain if we just fall helplessly... We must hold on tight, support each other, and believe. To believe. Without belief, I don\'t think that I would be able to hold on. Faith is an amazing thing."

Defense officials, realizing the importance of spreading the images of the terrorist attack as far around the world as possible, encouraged camera crews to enter the homes of the victims - with the families' permission - and film the scenes. Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer said that the international community should see the images from inside Danielle Shefi’s bedroom "to see what a real massacre looks like."

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