Art from Har Hevron at the President's Residence
Art from Har Hevron at the President's ResidenceMiri Tzachi

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and his wife Nechama on Tuesday hosted Har Hevron artists whose artwork is exhibited in the President's House.

"It is a pleasure to host artists, especially those who create art in a place with such historical significance for our nation throughout the generations," Rivlin told the artists. "The President's House is the house of the entire Israeli nation; we accept your artwork gladly and with love, for the benefit of all Israeli citizens.

"An artist expresses feelings and creativity through art. Sometimes artists are at the center of criticism or controversy, but art is a godsend, a divine gift that enables artists to create.

"We thank you for coming and presenting your art in the President's House, as well as other public forums."

The artists, who are from the Metarim Artist Center in Har Hevron, are exhibiting their work in the President's House in the Paamei Ruah exhibit.

This is the sixteenth exhibit presented by the Center, which offers a platform for local artists. Har Hevron Regional Council Head Yochai Demeri, and exhibit curator Nurit Gazit also participated in the event.

Artists from Ma'on, Carmel, Kiryat Arba, Beit Yatir, and Otniel presented their art to the president and his wife, shared their experiences living in the area, and the significance of their surroundings in the context of their artistic pursuits.

Har Hevron Regional Council Head Yochai Damari, said, "Two years ago an exhibit by our artists was censured by Tel Aviv University. Today the president spoke about the importance of expression and free speech for anyone anywhere in Israel, particularly in the context of artistic expression.

"We arrive here at the President's House for the Paamei Ruah exhibit for Har Hevron artists. The exhibit marks 35 years of settlement in Hevron, and 50 years since the liberation of Judea and Samaria. The exhibition expresses the spirit of Har Hevron, and the drive behind the building and creation in Har Hevron. I thank the president and his wife for opening their hearts and home to us."

Photos: Miri Tzachi