MK Yoel Hasson
MK Yoel Hassonצילום: יח"צ

MK Yoel Hasson (Zionist Union) posted on his Twitter account an alleged resignation letter from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in which he stepped down from the premiership.

The resignation was a forged letter, based on the letter with Netanyahu's resignation from heading the Communication Ministry, submitted to the Cabinet on Sunday.

Hasson wrote above the picture of the letter: "Why just the communications portfolio? Here @Netanyahu, I arranged it for you. All that's left is to send it."

The Prime Minister's Office reacted angrily to the fake letter of resignation. The Cabinet Secretary submitted a request to the Attorney General to launch a criminal investigation on suspicion of forgery.

"I am confident that the severity of the act, committing a deliberate manipulation of the Prime Minister's letter and using his signature on another document makes it clearly and without doubt an offense of forgery.

MK Hasson's letter for the PM
MK Hasson's letter for the PMCourtesy of MK Hasson