MK Michael Malkieli
MK Michael Malkieli Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

MK Michael Malkieli (Shas) spoke to Arutz Sheva today (Tuesday), relating to statements by Kiryat Yovel's Community Center (Matnas) director in Jerusalem, Yehiel Levy, who said that neighborhood haredim should be "choked".

"These are very serious words; it is unacceptable that a public servant who is supposed to serve residents, many of whom are haredim, would say what we heard in the recording," said Malkieli. He noted that this is not the first time such evidence has been heard against the director. "He hounds the hareidi community," said Malkieli.

According to Malkieli, the prejudiced statements should bring the director's job to an end: "He should not remain in office. The Mayor has become involved, and the Interior Minister has turned to the Education Minister who is in charge of the community centers. Such a person is unworthy, he can not serve in public office."

MK Malkieli argues that there are many complaints against community centers across the country about discrimination against haredim and even expressed a warning about the issue in a Knesset debate: "It is time that the Matnas organization understand its place. It should deal with social matters and not issues of religion and state, there is no call for a community center director to deal with such matters."

Regarding the need to preserve the city's character the MK said: "We must maintain the character of the city. Jerusalem is a city for everyone - religious, secular, and everyone. Jerusalem is not divided into tribes, and twelve tribes lived there, with consideration and understanding. What happened in Kiryat Yovel is war, it is incitement against an entire population and there is no justification for someone to speak this way in Jerusalem."