Magazines confiscated in raid
Magazines confiscated in raid Border Police spokesperson

Border Police officers operating in the Bedouin town of Tuba Zangaria in the northern Galilee uncovered a hidden weapons cache early Tuesday morning.

The discovery, which was made during random searches in sites suspected of being used by local gangs for storing weapons.

At one outdoor site, Border Police officers discovered a makeshift firearm; at other sites a number of gun magazines and large quantities of ammunition were found.

After the discovery, an explosives expert was called to the scene to ensure that none of the caches in question posed a threat to security forces. After receiving approval, officers removed the weapons and transferred them to local police.

“While this was a random search for firearms, not based on specific information,” an Israel Police spokesperson said, “it reflects the many operations by authorities in the town [of Tuba Zangaria], involving the investment of resources and significant effort to maintain law and order.”

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