Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stated that his country will not provoke anyone or instigate hostilities, but it will defend itself.

“We will defend ourselves. I do not believe that people looking at our history, people looking at our capabilities will ever make the decision to engage in that misadventure," said Zarif in an interview with the BBC.

With reference to the proposal by Israel, the US, and Saudi Arabia to renew sanctions against Iran after it test-fired a ballistic missile recently, Zarif termed this a "violation of international law" and issued a veiled warning to those states: "I advise them not only to respect the international law, but to be prudent enough not to get themselves in serious trouble."

Zarif said that the Obama administration had been forced to sign the nuclear deal after they saw that sanctions had the opposite effect on Iran, strengthening the resolve of the Iranian nation. He also claimed that the nuclear deal was a fair one which should be upheld by all parties.

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