Itamar Ben Gvir
Itamar Ben GvirFlash90

Attorney Itamar ben Gvir points out that in the coming days Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked is expected to appoint four new Supreme Court judges.

Ben Gvir said last night (Saturday), "This week, the Justice Minister must not flinch and compromise, because to us, it's a sine qua non. It's no secret that Shaked and I differ ideologically and, it would seem, with regard to the issue of the enemy and how to solve it, we do not see eye-to-eye. That having been said, it is also no secret that I thought Shaked capable of bringing about a revolution and producing the desired changes in the Justice Ministry, precisely because she is not a legalist, nor does she originate from the classic religious Zionist circles that sometimes tend to submit to the secular left.

"Until this week of her tenure, the Minister has made good decisions leading to generally acceptable lower court appointments, as well as making extremely important speeches, but together with these there were also some disappointments on a practical level, such as the continued leftist hegemony in the Justice Ministry as well as the fact that until now, unfortunately, necessary changes in the Judicial Appointments Committee have yet to be accomplished, giving the impression the the Minister does not intend to change what needs to change."

Despite all this, ben Gvir believes that this week the Justice Minister will be put to the test, and with supreme effort she can persevere and succeed. "The Minister must not compromise, she must not agree to an allocation by which she will select only one appointment out of four, and even more importantly, she must not compromise on the names of candidates who are qualified and those who should not be appointed at any price.

"The list produced by the Minister has a number of names that could bring a certain degree of change, but we must not err as there are also quite a few names identified with the national religious community who will not only not bring any change, but will entrench leftist hegemony in the legal system.

"In any case, if we do not increase the number of Supreme Court posts, the appointment of one out of four is too little and has no significant influence on the system: There is now a Supreme Court majority sympathetic to the activist approach, tending to accept petitions from (leftist) Yesh Din. Leftist attorney Michael Sfard called the Supreme Court 'my home court', and just this week wrote an article in Haaretz explaining why the left should petition the Supreme Court while similar petitions submitted by rightist organizations such as Regavim are rejected or at best encounter terrible procrastination.

"We have a rare opportunity for the Judicial Appointments Committee to appoint judges, as even without Kahlon the Justice Minister has a majority. Now is the right time to take advantage of this majority and see to a number of changes with the main criterion being not the kippa material or which yeshiva/institution produced the applicant, but courage! After all, Minister Shaked entered the Justice Ministry for this very purpose. If you fail to do this, we will lose an opportunity that may not reappear. I pray with all my heart for Ayelet to be able to fulfill her mission for the people of Israel and for future generations."