Avraham Burg
Avraham BurgFlash 90

Avraham Burg, a radical leftist who once told Israelis to make sure they have another foreign passport, former Jewish Agency chairman and Knesset Member who once served as Speaker of the Knesset, met with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah on Thursday.

According to the official PA news agency Wafa, Abbas updated Burg on the difficult situation of the Palestinian Arabs and said that "2017 will mark the end of the occupation," and "We must bear a great burden to implement our demands."

It was also reported that Abbas told Burg that the majority of Israelis wanted to "end the settlements and the occupation."

While his father, Dr. Yosef Burg served in the Knesset as one of the most famous members of the National Religious Party for 40 years and held various ministries, Avraham Burg entered the Knesset with the Labor Party, veering away from his father's religious Zionist views.

Following his retirement from the Knesset in 2004, Burg drifted towards the far-left, joining the Meretz faction in 2008 and endorsing the radical J Street organization. In 2015, Burg joined the predominantly Arab Hadash party.